These Boots…

Several years ago, when I started hunting, I decided I needed some actual hunting boots.  My Sorels just weren’t going to cut it, so I started talking to people I knew who hunted looking for brand recommendations. The resounding response? 

Michigan Escape

It’s silent, aside from the swollen raindrops pinging on the metal roof of the cabin, like dimes being dropped on the floor, and the steady hiss of the old gas lantern that envelopes the small space in its warm light.

From Vegan to Victor

In my teens/early 20s I went through various dysfunctional eating habits.  One of these was a rather poorly thought out attempt at being a vegetarian and then vegan for a brief period.  This burst of insanity was primarily spurred by

I Am Fanatic – Fanatic Gear Review

Northern Michigan deer season.  This can mean sunny and 65 or 12 below zero with horizontal blowing snow (and everything in between).  I love to hunt, but do not like to be cold.  I don’t really know anyone who does,

I Am Defiant

Is That, Like, a Full-Sized Bow? I shot as a fill-in for a local archery league last night. About 20 arrows in, one of the guys in my squad turned to me and asked, “Is that, like, a full-sized bow?”

Backpacking With A Side of Fishing

On this episode (Episode 7 Backpacking – Allen Crater) of, they talk a lot more about backpacking than fishing.  However if you are looking for a real adventure, and to catch some fish at the same time, backpacking is