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From Vegan to Victor

In my teens/early 20s I went through various dysfunctional eating habits.  One of these was a rather poorly thought out attempt at being a vegetarian and then vegan for a brief period.  This burst of insanity was primarily spurred by

I Am Fanatic – Fanatic Gear Review

Northern Michigan deer season.  This can mean sunny and 65 or 12 below zero with horizontal blowing snow (and everything in between).  I love to hunt, but do not like to be cold.  I don’t really know anyone who does,

I Am Defiant

Is That, Like, a Full-Sized Bow? I shot as a fill-in for a local archery league last night. About 20 arrows in, one of the guys in my squad turned to me and asked, “Is that, like, a full-sized bow?”