These Boots…

Several years ago, when I started hunting, I decided I needed some actual hunting boots.  My Sorels just weren’t going to cut it, so I started talking to people I knew who hunted looking for brand recommendations.

The resounding response?  Danner.  So, off I went to Jay’s Sporting Goods in Gaylord.  Danner offered everything from a classic leather upland boot to a heavily insulated cold-weather hunting boot.  They have a wide-range of women’s options, as well!

I found a pair I wanted to try.  Camouflage outer layer, aggressive but manageable tread, and the top hit me at mid-shin.  I slipped them on and was shocked at how comfortable they were!  The 400-gram Thinsulate felt comfortable without being hot.   That was six years ago.

I have since laced them up to traverse terrain on three continents, in four countries and 12 states.  These boots have chased bears in Alaska, kudu in Africa and many species in between without a second of discomfort.  Danner is my go-to for the comfort, quality and dependability I need for my adventures.  There are enough variables when afield, I don’t want my boots to be one of them.  Be sure to check out Danner boots for your next hunting and outdoor adventures!

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