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Allen Crater

Allen is a 44-year-old husband and father of two teen-aged sons that love the outdoors and one insane German Short-haired Pointer named Lucy that loves pointing, flushing and retrieving anything, all the time.

He is the President and part owner of an advertising agency located in Michigan.

Reading books about everything, especially travel, adventure, war, history, and outdoor pursuits, is another passion of Allen’s. He loves great food, great beer and great wine, sometimes in moderation, sometimes not.

More than anything though Allen loves the outdoors. He loves the smells, the sounds, the sights.  Since He was a little boy fishing with his dad, pitching a tent in the backyard, and unwrapping pocketknives for Christmas he’s been drawn to all things outdoors.

In the summer you can usually find Allen cooling his feet by the lake, in search of elusive trout on the river or losing himself on a trail someplace. In the fall the weather becomes more bearable and the hiking and camping really pick up. Fishing still occupies much thought and time, but hunting and being in the “Big Woods” with friends and family becomes the focus. Winter brings a shift and you can typically find him walking trails with the dog, snowshoeing with his wife or skiing with his family. When not outside you’ll often find him parked in his favorite chair next to the fireplace with a good book and a snifter of Scotch or a thick Stout.

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Andrea Bogard

Andrea Bogard, a Northern Michigan native, began shooting pistol competitively at 12 years of age. Andrea travelled within the state of Michigan and participated in IPSC, IDPA and bowling pin matches for four years.

At age 16, following a steel plate match, another participant put a shotgun in her hands and ignited a passion for the shotgun sports. At age 18 and 3 months, Andrea became the youngest NSCA certified Level 1 instructor.

Andrea has taught extensively for the last 17 years, instructing men, women and children in the fundamentals of the shotgun sports in both individual and group settings. Andrea has written and published multiple articles within the sporting industry, as well as a thesis in college on “Women in the Shooting Sports.”

Andrea has taught in three states and is equipped to handle issues such as gun fit, eye dominance, safety instruction, problem targets and overall firearms comfort, to name a few.

Andrea hunts worldwide for species from birds to bears. Her writing and imagery have been published in magazines such as Sporting Clays magazine, the Retriever Journal and the Upland Journal.

When not running a business, teaching or hunting, Andrea can be found with her husband, two boys and their labs enjoying all the amazing things Northern Michigan has to offer. In addition, Andrea loves dark microbrews, red wine, cooking and travelling.

Andrea owns 4 businesses and operates them from all from an office in a renovated state mental hospital in Traverse City, Michigan now called the Grand Traverse Commons.





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Brett Brenner

Brett is a hunter in all seasons and all species.  With Brett’s primary love being bow hunting whitetail he also enjoys goose, duck and turkey hunting as well.  When he is not in the woods, you might find him on the water fishing crappie and gills early season, then walleye, perch and lakers in the Saginaw Bay.

With Whitetail hunting being his true hunting passion, he enjoys scouting properties, putting down food plots, and scouting whitetail deer patterns throughout the year.

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Cobi Pellerito

Cobi is twenty-two years old and has grown up fishing in the Northern Michigan area and expanded throughout the state and country in his pursuit of Largemouth and Smallmouth bass as well as musky. When he is not on the road in pursuit of capturing more of the beauty and experience the world has to offer, Cobi resides in Northern Michigan where his faith and family base are also a strong portion of his life.While fishing is his primary focus, Cobi has a tremendous love for most every activity pertaining to the outdoors and water. He also has a passion for photography and using his images to capture and share the beauty of the sport that he loves. Many of his images are shared primarily through the social media platform Instagram (@cobi_pellerito) as well as promotional work for several companies and brands internationally. Cobi, amongst many other anglers, has found great success through the fishing industry by carving his own facet without partaking in a competitive circuit.

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Jake Romanack

Captain Jake Romanack is just 22 years of age, but he has spent a lifetime in the fishing business. The son of Outdoor Writer and TV Host Mark Romanack, Jake literally grew up on  a boat fishing frequently with his father and also a host of other talented charter captains, tournament fishermen, guides and professional anglers. Jake spent three years first mating on both walleye and salmon Great Lakes charter boats before obtaining his  captain’s”
license at the tender age of 17. Currently the co-host of the Fishing 411 TV series broadcast on World Fishing Network and on-demand at www.carbontv.com, Jake is the youngest television host on World Fishing Network and one of the most popular. Jake’s fishing skills are only matched by his enthusiasm for communicating the outdoor lifestyle.

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Mark Romanack

Mark Romanack aka the “Outdoors Guy” is a lifelong resident of Michigan. One of Michigan’s most celebrated outdoorsmen and outdoor communicators, Mark is a graduate of Northern
Michigan University and holds a BS degree in Conservation/Ecology. Mark’s outdoor writing
career got started as a parttime job back in 1985. It wasn’t long before Mark was writing full time for a host of outdoor periodicals. To date Mark has authored over 4,000 full length
magazine features, 13 different hard copy books on fishing and three fishing e-books for Kindle. Mark also pens a popular and free weekly fishing blog published at the www.fishing411.net web page and also on Facebook. In 2007 Mark took the plunge into the outdoor television industry hosting and producing Fishing 411 TV that broadcasts
nationally on the World Fishing Network. Fishing 411 is also available on-demand at CarbonTV.com.To date Mark has hosted and produced over 140 national television episodes
focusing on a host of freshwater fishing topics. Mark lives in Northern Michigan with his wife Mari and hunting dogs Mason, Drake and Stormy.

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Russ Roznowski

When Russell is not enjoying the outdoors, he is working hard studying toward a Bachelor’s of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences.

He’s been fishing since childhood, advancing from bobbers ‘n’ snell hooks, to flippin’ and pitchin’ jigs through heavy cover. He has been hunting for the past 15 years and more recently has found a great passion in whitetail archery hunts.

He is always up for a challenge,  enjoys all-day treestand hunts, and fishing our Great Lakes.  He takes great pride in tuning friends’ and family members’ bows and does so with meticulous accuracy, care, and precision. Being able to take any bow from slashing right bare shafts, to a bullet hole with a few precise twists and turns is one of the most rewarding processes He knows.

He firmly believe that with the right tools and mindset, any man or woman can accomplish the unimaginable.

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Ryan Gerulski

Ryan is the Co-Founder and Pro Staff of Whitetail Venatic. He was first introduced to the outdoors at a young age by his father, uncles, and grandfathers.  He enjoys the quiet he finds outside and loves the challenge of public land archery hunting with both compound and traditional bows.  He loves God, his wife, and two young boys, and staying active in his local community and church.

Ryan resides in Midland, Michigan and in his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, fishing, and camping with friends.

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Travis Gerulski

Travis is an avid hunter, outdoors-man, and Christ follower. He’s been archery hunting for 20 years and enjoys the challenge it brings and time spent outside.

Throughout the year he works on food plots, shed hunting and scouting public land.  Although most of his time is focused on Michigan whitetail, he enjoys taking out of state trips every year to find new challenges and opportunities. Off season, he can typically be found golfing, fishing, or anything related to the outdoors.

Genesis 27:3 ‘Now then, get your equipment–your quiver and bow–and go out to the open country to hunt some wild game for me.

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Will Brickel

When Will was 12 his cousin took him goose hunting and he has now been hunting for over 17 years.  Currently his primary interest is in hunting whitetail deer which started when he began hunting out of state with his brothers when he was 20, and he’s been addicted ever since.

The whitetail deer is a challenging animal to hunt.  The minute you think you have something figured out, they find a way to prove him wrong.

Will spends his spare time on Wikipedia solving the world’s problems and changing definitions incorrectly.  In the hunting community he goes by the self-made nicknames of “Legend” and “Deer Whisperer”.

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Zack Gerulski

Zack has the misfortune of being an outdoorsman to his core, living in Metro-Detroit.  He has been hunting for close to 15 years now, while focusing the majority of his time on bow hunting whitetail on state land here in Michigan.  Growing up, his extended family and hunting went hand-in-hand; the majority of their time together was spent in the woods learning and taking in the traditions that their grandfather, uncles and fathers passed down to them.  Keeping that great tradition of family and hunting alive and well is what’s most important to him.  In the off-season he can usually be found golfing, fishing or just enjoying the other great things this beautiful state has to offer.