Jay’s Walleye Trip – Saginaw Bay

Saginaw Bay is well known for a variety of reasons primarily being a prolific fishery for all sorts of different species, Smallmouth bass, perch and Walleye. The numbers of walleye in this fishery is no secret, in fact there are so many that the daily creel per fisherman was recently increased to eight fish per person and the size limit lowered form fifteen inches to thirteen inches. While I spend most of my time targeting Bass here, I had the opportunity through Jay’s to take a charter with Mr. Dave Maxwell of Time Out Charters. Dave is based out of Linwood Michigan and is very good at what he does. Coupled with his beautiful boat and his fish catching ability, it made for a great day on the water. We trolled a variety of baits from small spoons to small crankbaits but the fish seemed to enjoy all of them that day. We ended with a three man limit plus a few extras which we tossed back to be caught another day. I would highly recommend anyone interested in spending a day chasing these fish to check out Dave Maxwell’s charter. You can contact him at (989) 429- 0540. You can watch us apply all of these techniques in the video below. Any questions about the details of the products used or just about this topic in general you can find me in the fishing department at Jay’s Clare location or reach out via Instagram @cobi_pellerito.


Cobi Pellerito

Cobi is twenty-two years old and has grown up fishing in the Northern Michigan area and expanded throughout the state and country in his pursuit of Largemouth and Smallmouth bass as well as musky. When he is not on the road in pursuit of capturing more of the beauty and experience the world has to offer, Cobi resides in Northern Michigan where his faith and family base are also a strong portion of his life.While fishing is his primary focus, Cobi has a tremendous love for most every activity pertaining to the outdoors and water. He also has a passion for photography and using his images to capture and share the beauty of the sport that he loves. Many of his images are shared primarily through the social media platform Instagram (@cobi_pellerito) as well as promotional work for several companies and brands internationally. Cobi, amongst many other anglers, has found great success through the fishing industry by carving his own facet without partaking in a competitive circuit.

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  1. Brad Standfest

    Hello Cobi,
    I am a Pastor @ the Almont Vineyard Church / Almont MI. Saw in your bio faith & family is a big part of your life…awesome!! I LOVE Smallie fishing!! Do you take guys out, charter ? Do you fish Saginaw Bay for Smallies? Would love to connect… hear your testimony.
    Brad Standfest

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